Who the hell are we?

We are a vast army of one campaigning across the galaxy to spread knowledge, understanding and a healthy scepticism for and/or of academic knowledge.

Karl Anthony Mercer is a cross between a bum and a pen. As an unemployed autistic failure, he has an interest in everything but mastery of nothing. He sees himself as a Curious Idiot™ and desires to create an army of people who are just the same. His main passions are nature and biology, psychology, Roman history, and never having anything to do with mathematics. We Lack Discipline is sort of his idea.

Random Karl Fact: He once tried to study Natural Sciences but quickly found out he was neither natural, nor scientific.

Our Mission – Should we choose to accept it!

We Lack Discipline aims to promote more engagement with academic knowledge among lay persons, using a combination of demystification, humour, holding so-called ‘experts’ to account, and a promotion of the Curious Idiot™ identity.

It is our hope that we will create a less hostile atmosphere among academics towards communicating with the lay public, and a less hostile attitude from the lay public towards academics.

We are literally the worst, except at what we do.

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