The Fire Still Burns: The Enduring Legacy of Dark Souls

Given the performance of my prior piece about ludism I don’t expect this will perform too well but given that recently I’ve been doing three things; 1) feeling very nervous, 2) reading the bible (point 1 unrelated) and 3) playing Dark Souls; and I’ve already written a piece about feeling nervous, I am left withContinue reading “The Fire Still Burns: The Enduring Legacy of Dark Souls”

Wanna Play? – Why Games are Important

Chess has seen a resurgence recently. Access to interesting youtube content from Grand Masters and International Masters mixed with the success of Netflix’s chess-themed drama ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ have returned its status as a game of intellectuals and Kings. But is it really all that and a bag o’ chips? I mean, games have comeContinue reading “Wanna Play? – Why Games are Important”