The Curious Idiot™

What is a Curious Idiot™?

Here at We Lack Discipline one of our core philosophies follows the notion often misattributed to either Socrates or Diogenes that the only thing we can truly know is how ignorant we are.

It does not matter how many letters after your name, how many degrees you have or how much of an expert you may be on one or multiple topics – you are merely a Curious Idiot™. Nobody gets made fun of for not knowing; nobody gets treated like they know everything about everything. This is how we aim to treat ourselves, our guests and our audience.

The Curious Idiot™ Pledge

I swear that I know only that I don’t know everything.

I vow to try to learn whatever I can about whatever I’m interested in.

I aim to treat everyone like a Curious Idiot™ – with respect and an open mind.

I shall give no reverence to anyone, no matter their station, beyond the equality and care due to all Curious Idiots™.

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